Tales From Another Reality: Misty Spirit

Life in ‘stone age’ alternate universe, where Neanderthals of another kind live and thrive. 
First of series of tales that begins with a curious and mischievous child of mo

Out of Australia

Out of Australia David Delaney

David. J. Delaney’s book of poetry ˜Out of Australia’ epitomises the ˜fair dinkumness’ of Australia and its people. His poetry is genuine and appealing with dimensions of bush ballads, military t


Danny Michaelson, sixteen, joins a group of teens in the Canadian Rocky Mountains for a ten day hiking excursion. All he wants is a little time away from his troubled home. But when the hikers encou

Rex Royale

When the decomposed body of a charismatic Las Vegas casino mogul is recovered from a northern California lake resort, a reporter and free lance writer investigate. They discover the community

See You ‘Round the Square

See You ‘Round the Square depicts six friends living in Portsmouth, NH experiencing unforeseen economic challenges, personal obstacles and triumphs in their daily lives.

Pheng iu (Volume 1)

This is the collection of stories about the time when people were young and quite penniless. Once upon not so long ago, there was a lodging house at 44A Lorong Ahmad Marzoeki that hous

The Long Road Home

What if someone took away all that you cared about?
What if one by one you were stripped of everything you ever knew until there was nothing left? What if you didn’t even realize what w