Doctor to the Rescue

doctor rescue

From Army To Family

Combat doctor Ian Shupe returns home from overseas with his most important mission: to raise his little girl. But Ian’s a single dad, and working at Eagle Point’s trauma cente

Amy’s Travels

Amy’s Travels Kathryn Starke

Amy’s Travels is a multicultural children’s book that teaches the culture, diversity, and geography of our world through the eyes of a young girl. Based on a true story, Amy’s Travels is the first

Dragon Lust

My name is Lexi Helyanwe and I am a Dragon. Well actually I am part Dragon, part Elf, with twist of Lust Demon thrown in. I too was bioengineered by my parents, whose goal is to save the Dragon race a

Dosha flight of the Russian Gypsies

Dosha flight of the Russian Gypsies Sonia Meyer

In 1956 Khrushchev’s Thaw triggers the Hungarian Revolution and upheaval in the Soviet Empire. During Khrushchev’s first state visit to Helsinki, Dosha, star rider of the Soviet Dressage Team and he


This is from a reviewer and it is really from a reader perspective, and different from the commonly seen sinopsys…

“Our main character Dan is a loving family man who does the daily drone of going

The Seventh Magpie

The Seventh Magpie Lesley Sharrock

Can one woman, genetically linked to a time of witch burnings and religious persecution, prevent a devastating global war between conflicting ideologies in the near future? Three women hold the key. I

The Descendant

No sparkling vampires, teenage romance or werewolves here. THE DESCENDANT is a different type of vampire novel. Dubbed a vampire tale of biblical proportions, the book reveals the vampire’s biblica

Hairy & Hung

When Phillip went to investigate the space ship he saw crash, he wasn’t planning on discovering an unconscious green woman. All he was trying to do was mess with the Bigfoot hunters who were after hi

The Vaulted Sky

The Vaulted Sky begins the story of Patrick Montalto. A young, Italian-American from New York, his earliest memories of a fragile biplane avoiding a disastrous end on a summer’s day in the country pr