A Single Mother A Few Perspectives

Jones’s A Single Mother, A Few Perspectives is one of the few guides on the market that is specifically about single parenthood. As a must-have resource for any single parent, this book is an invalua

The Inheritance of a Swamp Witch

Paranormal Cajun Urban Fantasy –

The first in the Swamp Witch series, this story takes place in Southern Louisiana. It is about the adventures of a young man into the surprising world of the superna

Through Eyes That See

Do you remember when you were a child and clearly heard your intuitive voice; yet, when you conveyed the truth you were hushed or ignored because you were considered too young to know anything? This i

Out of Sync

Through an expatriate’s eyes, America is the œstrange land. In 2001, when a South African couple lands at JFK International Airport on the morning of 9/11, they have no idea that their host country

The Naked Room

Ally Carpenter, classical pianist for the Pacific Symphony Orchestra in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, disappears during a night out with friends. At first, Detective Senior Sergeant Susan Prescott

First years – Piranhas in the Bedroom

It’s 1986, and 19-year-old Jonathan gets quite a culture shock when he leaves home to start his First year teacher training at Derbyshire College of Higher Education. Living in a large white (unmissa


The discovery of a human skeleton buried in her backyard has Thea Campbell slightly unnerved, and fiance Paul Hudson intrigued — until it disappears. Unfortunately, getting back to the business of re