A Single Mother A Few Perspectives

Jones’s A Single Mother, A Few Perspectives is one of the few guides on the market that is specifically about single parenthood. As a must-have resource for any single parent, this book is an invalua

The Inheritance of a Swamp Witch

Paranormal Cajun Urban Fantasy –

The first in the Swamp Witch series, this story takes place in Southern Louisiana. It is about the adventures of a young man into the surprising world of the superna

Through Eyes That See


At some point, every child feels they have been silenced or ignored. In “Through Eyes That See,” Darcy desires to be heard but realizes that adults do not SEE her. Therefore, she questions her parent’s ability to guide her and discovers that she has the answers to her life’s questions or does she?

Out of Sync

Through an expatriate’s eyes, America is the œstrange land. In 2001, when a South African couple lands at JFK International Airport on the morning of 9/11, they have no idea that their host country

The Naked Room

Ally Carpenter, classical pianist for the Pacific Symphony Orchestra in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, disappears during a night out with friends. At first, Detective Senior Sergeant Susan Prescott

First years – Piranhas in the Bedroom

It’s 1986, and 19-year-old Jonathan gets quite a culture shock when he leaves home to start his First year teacher training at Derbyshire College of Higher Education. Living in a large white (unmissa


The discovery of a human skeleton buried in her backyard has Thea Campbell slightly unnerved, and fiance Paul Hudson intrigued — until it disappears. Unfortunately, getting back to the business of re