Author Interview – Marc Nash

What inspired you to write this book
As much as I love “The Terminator” movies, there is a huge flaw in the logic of someone coming back from the future to try and alter events in the past in order to change their own future. Exploring the mind-bending paradoxes of that was the starting point for the novel and the recent scientific theories of quantum behavior and parallel universes allowed me to explore it in full. Don’t worry, you don’t need any scientific knowledge to be able to follow this book, my degree is in History!
What topics in your book or background do you think book clubs would find interesting?
Apart from discussions of these paradoxes of time travel and what you would like to go back in time and change a real life event to have a different outcome, the book’s structure of the same basic seduction scenario between the same two characters, but all the different ways it can play out with differing outcomes, as we humans are not fixed in out emotional and mental make-up but are constantly in flux, like quantum particles. There’s also an inquiry into fate, not only the fate of a man meeting a woman, but what external forces may also be influencing that fate for the two protagonists, whether they know it or not. The observer commentator changes the behavior of what he is observing is something Einstein taught us, but I apply it here to human beings.
Tell us about your career outside of writing and how it influence your writing.
Well I worked for almost 20 years in the counter-culture in London’s best known indie record store and music is very important to me. This novel comes with a link to a Spotify playlist composed of songs spun by the shadowy DJ character in the novel. I now work for a non-governmental organization in the freedom of expression world. In the UK we’ve had so many issues around the freedom of the media it’s been an extremely busy time. I like to see myself as pushing the boundaries of language, literature and style, so temperamentally I’ve found a job that suits that urge to see how far you can go.
Describe your style of writing
This is a really hard one for me. “Time After Time” is my first scifi book, but it’s quite literary in its structure and language. I am interested in dealing with ideas, in exploring what it means to be human and how language both serves and fails us in our drive to communicate with one another and maybe more crucially, how we express our emotions.
Which authors have inspired you?
I don’t know if any have inspired me, as my favorite authors are not those whom I write like or even would dare to attempt to write like. I love Don Delillo, William Burroughs, Hubert Selby Jnr, Jonathan Lethem, David Peace and Franz Kafka amongst others. But I started writing in the main because the books I wanted to read weren’t really out that in any great number on the bookshelves. I think I offer something a bit different in my books.



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