Tyler’s Dream

You can’t outrun a nightmare. “A brisk, appealing story teeming with action and suspense. The narrative momentum is impressive and striking. A thoroughly animated fantasy, and a commendable series introduction.” – Kirkus Reviews Tyler’s Dream is a thrilling trip into a gorgeous Fantasy world. Tyler […] Read more »


How does a world armed with bows, arrows and catapults, where steam power has only begun to replace horses and sailing ships, avert conquest from beyond the stars? In this epic fantasy set on another world, Regilius, the Prince of Ydron, awakens, his head filled […] Read more »


The world is old and full of lies,but also full of truth, And here between the earth and sky the questions fall to you.   Long ago, when the earth was young, four ancient beings created man to be the bastion of the earth and its […] Read more »