The Seventh Holy Man

  The destruction of the Catholic Church is imminent. There is no apparent means of preserving the church as it’s very foundation is being destroyed by demonic forces. Sean Carrol, a reporter from the New York International News, has investigated the strange occurrences taking place […] Read more »

Bigfoot Boy: Lost on Earth

An alien spacecraft with a cargo of Middle Grade Bigfoot teens and their teacher crashes in the wilderness of western Canada. Errl, an unattractive and nearsighted Bigfoot teen, is lost in the forests of the Kootenays near Cranbrook, BC, and has ten days to get […] Read more »

Strangelets with a Side of Grilled Spam: Season One

A supercollider accident during the search for the subatomic strangelet particle has opened cracks in space-time, burning out most all electronic devices across the planet and triggering an invasion of biomechanical aliens. The survivors call the aliens ‘steelies’ and the event ‘Day Zero’. Lieutenant Shane […] Read more »