Naked: Stripped by a Man and Hurricane Katrina

What happens when one woman loses everything? Hurricane Katrina churned the entire Gulf of Mexico. Meanwhile, Julie’s husband made demands of her and her body, threatening divorce if she did not agree. Naked is a beautiful true story about choices, strength, love, the changing tides […] Read more »

How The (Bleep) Did I Get So Old?

Syndicated columnist, and Huffington Post blogger wonders where time has gone in baby boomer-targeted non-fiction. “How the (Bleep) Did I Get This Old?” is a compilation of Laverne H. Bardy’s columns that honestly discuss the harsh yet often humorous realities of aging For the more […] Read more »

Project Limitless Vol. I: The Success Initiative

The motivational and inspirational ‘Start Guide’ to unleashing your potential, crumbling the boundaries around you, enhancing creativity, innovation, consciousness & thought, mental & personal health, and achieving revolutionary success at any age or status of life is here! 21-year-old multi-lingual CEO, business guru, international charity […] Read more »