Daily Spiritual Tools

The author, Sherry Woodcock, knew intuitively that spirit existed, but without a religious upbringing she really wasn’t sure where to look. So she asked herself, “What if we are able to find and know God within ourselves, and as ourselves, in the midst of the day-to-day events of our lives- work, parenting, paying bills, doing our best and our not-so-best, striving to understand others, and getting stuck as all people do?”

In Daily Spiritual Tools, Sherry begins to answer her own question and celebrates the existence of the divine in all human experience. In he book she shares a compilation of seventy-seven meditations and simple practices that open our awareness to perfect and Divine order within all things.

Divided into four sections, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, her book is meant to be read over and over, from beginning to end or opened to just the right page. This is a book that can sit by your bedside and be picked up when you need some inspiration or guidance.

“As humankind moves from a truth of spirituality “out there” to one of God expressing as each of us and in all things, the tools in this practical book help us accept that Truth and know it as our own. In doing so we help elevate others and our world.”

Sherry Woodcock



  • Title: Daily Spiritual Tools
  • Author: Sherry  Woodcock
  • Publisher: Createspace
  • Location: Sacramento, CA
  • Availability: Skype or in person if close enough
  • Contact: sherry@dailyspiritualtools.com
  • Website: Daily Spiritual Tools






By: Sherry Woodcock


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