King of Clubs: The Great Golf Marathon of 1938

“King of Clubs: The Great Golf Marathon of 1938,” recently named 2012 book of the year by the International Network of Golf, is the true story of a Chicago stockbroker named Smith Ferebee who bet $100,000 in Virginia land and cash ($1.6 million today) that he could play 600 holes of golf over 4 consecutive days in 8 different cities, starting in LA and ending in NY.

The marathon took place from Sept. 25-28, 1938, and included stops at Lakeside in Burbank and Encanto in Phoenix on 9-25; Blue Hills in Kansas City and Norwood Hills in St. Louis on 9-26; Tuckaway in Milwaukee and Olympia Fields in Chicago on 9-27; and North Hills in Philadelphia and Salisbury CC (now Eisenhower Red) in New York on the 28th.

No golf carts back then. To win the bet, Ferebee would have to walk/run about 200 miles as well as play the golf. And he was no pro: he carried anywhere from a 10-15 HC.

The book has received outstanding reviews (here’s just one of them):








By: Jim Ducibella


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