Mackenzie O’Brien believes the only way her overprotective brothers will stay out of her life is if she is married. But how can she marry the man who just accused one of her brothers of murder?MACK THE WIFE is book 1 in The Overbearing Billionaires series.


Shorecliff Cover

Hailed by Kirkus Reviews for its “exquisite tone” and by The Boston Globe for “reminding us of how it felt to be young,” Shorecliff tells the story of a family spending the summer of 1928 in Maine

With Angel’s Wings

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Take an emotional journey with Laura as she struggles to understand, keep up with, and survive the unforgiving hand of fate… And when all hope appears lost, behold an unexpected love that lights Laura’s way through her darkest days and offers her the strength to not just endure, but to shine all on her own.

Struggles of the Women Folk


Sissy knew she wasn’t pretty, cuz erbody told her so! She had all dem black features that erbody thought was ugly; dark skin, short nappy hair, big eyes, big lips, huge breast and a big butt. None of that mattered to me, cuz she was not just my cousin, she was my best friend.

Hidden Mirrors


HIDDEN MIRRORS – The Looking Glass of the Soul by DonnaMarie is about a woman who must return to her New England hometown, forcing her to face the mystery of the past she tried so desperately to forge