Written Across the Genres

Written Across the Genres features a collection of short stories, essays, novel excerpts, and poems classified under genres such as mainstream fiction, science fiction, romance, historic fiction, western, fantasy, women’s fiction, young adult, spy thriller, crime fiction, memoir, and collaborative stories.   Read More … […] Read more »

Chaos Chronicles Book 1: Zephyr The West Wind

    Set in an ancient time on fictional universes, masterfully interwoven plots give way to wonderfully vivid folk tales, myths and legends of demigods capable of transporting themselves to different universes; deadly creatures; action, adventure and mysteries; compelling family dynamics; and, morally ambiguous characters […] Read more »

Author Interview – Andi O’Connor

What inspired you to write this book?   Because I have an overactive imagination and have always been fascinated by the vastness of space and if other beings like us exist, I decided to combine my intrigue with my love of epic fantasy. I created […] Read more »