Brayden Rider

His father missing, ten-year-old Brayden Rider lives a humble life in a small medieval village on the edge of a great forest. When his home is attacked one night, Brayden knows he must escape, but, to where? With the arrival of a travelling knight carrying […] Read more »

Author Interview – Kenna McKinnon

What inspired you to write this book?   My friend, Judith Hansen, from Lewiston, Michigan, suggested my next novel be based on an alien Bigfoot teen. We brainblasted the idea and I wrote the story of Errl and his classmates, and his adventures on Earth. […] Read more »

Bigfoot Boy: Lost on Earth

An alien spacecraft with a cargo of Middle Grade Bigfoot teens and their teacher crashes in the wilderness of western Canada. Errl, an unattractive and nearsighted Bigfoot teen, is lost in the forests of the Kootenays near Cranbrook, BC, and has ten days to get […] Read more »