Author Interview – Sherman Turner

What inspired you to write this book?   Kenyan students help future author to learn “Barack Obama legend” in Kenyan rehabilitation school in years 2002 – 2004. Their success efforts helps Turner regain his lost memories.   Now the future author is inspired to set […] Read more »

Minorities Deceived

Minorities Deceived: The Sherman Turner Story, Part I describes the partnership between a minority contractor named Sherman Turner and a larger “Wall Street Money Contractor” John W. Danforth Co. Inc. in the government’s Small Business Administration’s SBA 8/a Section Program a partnership formed for the […] Read more »

Written Across the Genres

Written Across the Genres features a collection of short stories, essays, novel excerpts, and poems classified under genres such as mainstream fiction, science fiction, romance, historic fiction, western, fantasy, women’s fiction, young adult, spy thriller, crime fiction, memoir, and collaborative stories.   Read More … […] Read more »

Mary & Me Beyond the Canvas

This beautifully written memoir will open your heart, and mind, to the secret longing surrounding Susan’s closed adoption experience. In 1966, a senior in high school, Susan was sent away to live with her aunt. Following her period of confinement, she was advised not to […] Read more »