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Why do some people seem to get ahead so easily, while others seem to struggle to get recognized for what they have to offer?

Former ballet dancer-turned psychology instructor, Lynette Crane’s experience in the arts world led her to wonder why so many immensely talented people failed to succeed, while sometimes being puzzled by the easy success others attained.

Being smart and competent aren’t enough to sure success. Leadership and renown aren’t necessarily rewards for being good at what you do or offer, but recognition of how visible you have made your excellent qualities to others.

Introverts (those quieter types who enjoy solitude and like to think things through carefully before acting), too often end up feeling invisible, unappreciated, and underutilized in a world where quick, bold action rather than quiet deliberation takes the prizes. Yet research shows us that that quiet deliberation and ability to tolerate solitude often produces the best results in any field, including science, business, and the arts.

Lynette Crane, formerly a very un-confident introvert, coped with severe shyness for decades, finally designing a class on Shyness and Self-esteem for her college psychology students at City College of San Francisco that paralleled her own real-world explorations into gaining confidence.

Out of her research and experiences came The Confident Introvert, a book designed to help introverts thrive, and not just survive, in a culture that idealizes extroversion.

Using story-telling to illustrate facts, the book provides action steps for introverts to take to gain confidence and participate easily in the world – without becoming somebody an introvert wouldn’t recognize or like!”



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by Lynette Crane


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Title: The Confident Introvert (Self-Improvement)
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