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In a dystopian future where our galaxy is under siege by invaders from a nearby galaxy, desperate planets form an alliance to beat back the enemy. Caught in the chaos of war and a growing rebel movement that is against the heavy-handed methods of this Empire, a brilliant scientist, Adrian Stannis, is trying to keep his head down and stay out of trouble in an obscure sector of the galaxy, on run-down science vessel.

Unfortunately, trouble has a habit of following Adrian no matter how much he tries to hide. First, it’s a woman, a telepathic humanoid named, Kali Mirren who is assigned to help him, then Adrian’s past catches up with him. It’s a dark past full of sabotage and betrayals and soon, Adrian finds himself coerced into rebuilding the Neutron Wave Project, a devastating weapon that will help in the war and the head of this project is a man who is out for revenge against the mild-mannered scientist, and a femme-fatale intent on making him pay for ruining her career.

And as if that’s not enough, the Empire sends a psychostrategist, a mind bender whose job is to get inside Adrian’s head and discover his secrets, for they know that things are never as simple as it seems when it comes to Adrian.

What is Adrian’s secret and will it have an impact on the outcome of the war? Will Kali be able to save him? Does Adrian want to be saved?

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by Elizabeth Lang


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Title: The Empire (Science Fiction)
Location: United States
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